interviewer asking about the you&i fragrance xx

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@harrystyles: Wake up call. I nominate Irving Azoff, Kanye West and Susan Sarandon…. And Ben Winston. Donate too. Go?

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Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


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@NiallOfficial: That was some craic last night! Soo funny !

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"One of the reason why I don’t like the word ‘famous’, because then people use it afterwards. And they go like, ‘He used to be famous’ or ‘He’s not famous anymore’. And it’s like, just this weird thing of, like, I was a guy before, I was the same guy during and I’m the same guy afterwards. But people think they can label your life." 

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We can be everything we want, babe..

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